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NEW SoleMate Alleviator

Foot and Calf Reflexology Machine

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Accupoint Stimulator

The Original Solemate Accupoint Stimulator
Foot and Calf Reflexology Machine

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Accupoint Stimulator Medical Series

The SoleMate Accupoint Stimulator Deluxe Reflexology Machine comes with a full 90 Day Warranty against defects.
See what our customers have to say about this incredible machine!

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SoleMate is committed to helping those who are in pain due to a foot related cause and we can help tremendously. Our orthotics are molded to fit the shape of your foot and are designed using the most modern and up to date methods to correct your specific problem's). SoleMate orthotics are made from semi-rigid pliable material that virtually coax your feet back into shape, eliminating the chronic pain and discomfort associated with foot abnormalities. SoleMate orthotics are computer designed and
offer washable, light weight and vented support for optimum comfort that fits most footwear. SoleMate orthotics have four main arch supports, transverse, medial, longitudinal and metatarsal, with a contoured heel cup. Customized to correct most foot problems.


Our concept is to reshape and realign the foot, returning it to the normal shape and positioning. The results are immediate. The agent meets directly with the client. This client contact provides the agent with the necessary information and feedback to ensure the SoleMate orthotic is perfected during the first visit. The agent creates from the SoleMate orthotic shell a customized set of orthotics to correct the abnormalities of the foot and this usually takes one hour to complete. The SoleMate orthotic procedure, uses the proven weight bearing pedograph imprint method.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I am a 69 year old male who had a 4 way heart bypass 12 years ago. The surgeon left a staple buried in my left knee area during the retrieval of the vein for the bypass repair parts. The staple caused a Level 2 infection which blew out most of the lymphatic lift check valves when the swelling from Read More
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