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LaRae McKinnon Cardston Alberta (Hip & Thigh)

I have been waking up in the night with a deep aching in my hip/thigh area for many years. Doctors could not tell me what was causing it. I tried your machine 2 different days and both nights I slept right through with no pain. Best sleep I have had in months. I bought a machine to take home. Love It.

 Janet Wheeler Alberta (Leg Pain & Edema)

I came into the home show I could hardly walk. I did SolemIate for 15 minutes as a trial. I had no pain, my legs swell in the heat, swelling down.

Dwayne Fettes Gladmar Sask. Nov. 2018 (stroke)

Four years ago I had a stroke that caused paralysis of my left side. No feeling or mobility of my extremities. This winter while attending the Agribition in Regina I had an opportunity to have a treatment in the Solemate Alleviator Reflexology machine. To my total amazement in one session I honestly had feeling return to the bottom of my left foot. Unbelievable.  Obviously I purchased my own machine and Highly recommend this particular Solemate product because it really works.

Ted Prebushewski (Neuropathy)

I had Chemo Therapy  for 4 months and neuropathy in booth feet. I used the Solemate Reflexology machine for one treatment and I could feel the bottom of my feet for 20 minutes. Then I tried it the second day and I could feel my feet bottoms now for 35 minutes. On day 3 tried it again relief was instant and lasted 45 minutes.

A must use for any one who has had Chemo Therapy.

Darryl Bowal Edmonton Alberta (Pseudo Gout)

I have pseudo gout a calcium build up. They said there was no cure for it. On my Solemate I was pain free in 2 weeks.

Harvey Unger Leduc Alberta (Tendonitis)

I’ve had tendonitis for 3 years so bad I could barley walk.  1st Solemate treatment I got 1/2 hour pain free 2nd treatment I got 1 hour pain free.I bought the Solemate and in 6 months I have no pain at all. Best investment, I would pay $5000 for it.

 Mr. Don Torok Feb. 2,2015 (12 years of Edema Swelling)

Hello Dan I am e-mailing you to let you know how well your foot & calf reflexology machine worked on my edema in my left leg, ankle and calf.

I am a 69 year old male who had a 4 way heart bypass 12 years ago. The surgeon left  a staple buried in my left knee area during the retrieval of the vein for the bypass repair parts. The staple caused a level 2 infection which blew out most of the lymphatic lift check valves when the swelling from the infection caused the leg to all but double in size. The edema is severe and drastically reduces circulation from mid calf to the tips of toes.

When the edema gets to the critical stage I am unable to walk everyday for long periods of 3 to 5 weeks.

A Doctor friend of mine had purchased one of your reflexology machines and noticed that I was in serious edema mode, he dropped his machine off for me to use for 14 days. At the end of 10 days with the machine set at 3 pattern my left leg was the same size as the right foot and ankle area. My own Doctor was extremely concerned about the condition of my left leg and was very surprised that I had managed to remove the edema so quickly.

To any people who browses your site and have lower leg edema issues I highly recommend the Solemate Acupoint Stimulator Reflexology Machine.

 Mr. Tom Biddlecombe

I recently was at the Edmonton tradeshow as an exhibitor. After standing on the concrete for two days I had my Plantar Fasiitis flare up After my wire suggested I go and try the reflexology solemate I skeptically agreed. Jan was working the booth and after talking to her for a while about my problem she suggested a 15 minute treatment.

I agreed to try it without expecting much at all. After the session I stepped on the floor I was amazed at the improvement, the pain was easily cut in half. One more treatment the next day and I was hooked. The pain was reduced by 80% I bought the machine and after using it at home the pain is totally gone. I only wish I new about the Solemate machine 10 years earlier.

Don’t be fooled by look a like machines, the Solemate gets results thank you so very very much.

Matthew Wozney—Prince George, B.C. (Diabetic, Circulation)

I have been the owner of a “solemate pressure foot massager” for over three years now and I am writing to tell you how it has positively changed my physical health. I have suffered for many years as a result of diabetes. The pain & discomfort at times was unbearable. Today, the Soelmate Acu-Point Reflexology machine has become part of my daily routine. I no longer experience most of the symptoms. The massager has noticeably improved the circulation in my legs, ankles and feet swelling has vastly improved.I highly recommend the solemate pressure foot massager to anyone seeking improvements to their leg & foot circulation & relief from discomfort they may be experiencing. 

Yours sincerely Matthew Wozney

  Jarret Fetch Regina Sk. (Back Injuries)

7 years ago working as an orthopedic nurse I sustained a low back injury transferring a patient. Over these past 7 yrs. I have had a total of 8 surgeries ( 2 micro disc surgeries which were unsuccessful, along with 6 more surgeries to implant and remove neurostimulators, which disrupt the pain signals to the brain. Currently I have a state of the art neurostimulator implant which has reduced my pain meds but only to a certain degree.  After sitting for 15 minutes in the Solemate Acu-Point machine my pain and discomfort have decreased dramatically. My mobility has felt and improved considerably within 15 minutes I would highly recommend this machine to anyone with lower body injury.

Don McDonald Buffalo Pound (Arthritic Knees)

This unit has given me a tremendous difference in my arthritic knees that also have calcium deposits. I’ve owned this unit for 2 years and you can’t have it back!!!

Gary Spilde (Back & Knees)

I was walking by the Solemate Booth bent over and Dan asked do you have back pain ? Oh boy do I ever. Dan says have a seat and try the stimulator. I had to anyway because my leg had gone numb. I did the massage on my feet and concentrated on where Dan told me to and got relief for 2 hours.No back pain, No knee pain, No knife sticking in my back.

 Jack Goodman Regional Mgr. (Migraine Headaches)

Hi Jan this email is in a follow up of my purchase of your Solemate Acu-Point Stimulator at last weeks Red Deer tradeshow. When you let me try the machine at the tradeshow I had a terrible migraine headache. These headaches are something I suffer from quite regularly due to kidney issues and diabetes. The Solemate got rid of my migraine and since then, I use it whenever a headache starts. Because of my kidney problems, I cannot take extra strength headache medication, soyour machine is truly a day saver for me. Thanks

Gary Duffett Two Hills Ab. (Vertebrae Fracture)

I was introduced to Solemate during a trade show in Edmonton. I was sponsoring a booth right across from the Solemate booth and I was experiencing lower back pain all day on day #1 and #2 of the show. I thought I should try this out and I did. Am I glad I did because my pain was almost not there, after a 15 minute treatment. My feet tingled a bit after but the surprise was NO PAIN!

I have a compound burst fracture of my L4 & T11 vertebrae’s. I have had pain for 10 years plus and I take T3’s or dilandid daily for my pain. I used this amazing machine for 3 days once a day and never had to take any pain medication at all. You are probably thinking this is B.S. but I am living proof that it works and cannot wait till I get my own machine in 2 weeks. My experience was “This is weird” because my back does not hurt. It works and if you don’t believe me, try it yourself, you’ll be amazed.

 Pauline Rogge Medicine Hat Ab. (Leg Pain)

My name is Pauline Rogge and I tried the boots at our fair when I met my Doctor the next day, I told him about the machine. He said are you going to buy one? I said I don’t know and he said they are a lot of money and I said I know but my legs are really doing good and don’t ache anymore just after one treatment and you know how long they have hurt me. He said there is only one to buy make sure it says Solemate. 

 Glen Davidson Gull Lake Ab. (Back Pain)

I’m not the type of man to buy anything unless I’m convinced that it works. My wife tells me I’m 2” taller and my back pain is gone.

Darrell Smook Gibbons Ab. (Heart Burn)

Suffering for 4 years with heart burn I tried various herbs & health food store supplements with little or no relief. Sunday I tried the Accu-Point machine and on Monday I had more energy like you wouldn’t believe. On Monday & Tuesday after supper I noticed no heartburn at all, just from one 15 minute treatment, AMAZING. I had to buy a machine and traveled to Edmonton to do so to keep the heart burn away. (less gassy too)

 Don Catling Comox, B.C. (Wrist & Elbow)

 I used the Stimulator and WOW!!! I had pain in my right arm radiating from my wrist to my elbow. One 15 minute treatment and it has disappeared! I also have sciatic problems and it has helped that too. As well it feels absolutely awesome. It does rejuvenate you, thanks so very much.

 Alan Shaune Edmonton Ab. (Prostrate Cancer)

I am a male senior with terminal prostrate cancer. Along with the spreading cancer, I have edema problems. The swelling occurs in all parts of the body but primarily the accumulation of fluids occurs in my ankles and legs. I have found by using the acu-point stimulator machine is like receiving a short reflexology massage. It stimulates my feet and legs to such a point that the puffiness seems to disappear and my blood circulation is stimulated enough so that my internal organs feel like they are almost normalized enough so I can carry on my day. I believe this machine has helped keep me alive a lot longer than my Doctor said I would live.

 Jim Ehrhardt Carnduff Sask. (Knee & Stomach)

I tried your machine at the I.P.E. in Armstrong I had one 15 minute treatment I have a bad left knee and nervous stomach both of which bother me daily. I’ve had no problems for 4 days now and would like to order your machine.

 Carmella Abbotsford B.C. (Sciatic, Neck & Back)

I have scoliosis and have suffered with chronic neck and back pain my entire life . I tried the solemate for the first time today. I had a headache and a very sore neck after hurting it at work. After a 15 minute treatment in the solemate my head ache is gone and my back feels GREAT.


 Della Jeffers Barrier B.C. (Lungs)

25 years ago I had the front top lobe of my lung removed due to cancer. I came to Armstrong fair had one 15 minute treatment at 11:30 A.M. walked the fair went to the Rodeo and noticed my breathing easier so much so I did not need my puffer which I did not have to use for the rest of the day, AMAZING we returned to Solemate and bought a machine to use at home.

Malcolm Pitcher Kamloops (Arthritics)

I tried this machine once for one session. I have bad arthritics in my right foot and am a postal delivery person. Terrible pain one treatment pain free when I left the machine and pain free for 36 hours after that. I came back and purchased my own. It’s a miracle machine! Can’t wait till it arrives.

 Al Mac Kenzie Comox, B.C. (Leg & Calf)

I have massage therapy every 2nd week & with one session of 15min. In the Stimulator my massage therapist was able to get to level 3 in my calves & legs immediately this usually takes her 20 minutes because it is so painful for me & my legs are so tight.


 Marilyn Colley / Medicine Hat Ab. (Sciatica,Lumbar,Migrains)

For 10 years or more I have suffered from Sciatica Pain, Chronic Pain, Migraines, Cervical Spondyliosis, Ajrthritis, Osteophyte, Lower Lumbar Pain and Multiple Schlerosis with no remission. During an Exhibition in my town I got to try out this Acu-Stimulator and for the first time in10 years I felt my legs, they belonged to me again, steady and more controlled by me. The relief was overwhelming and getting back the ability in my legs was surreal. With the assistance of the Solemate representatives I ordered and now have my Acu-Stimulator!! I use it on a regular basis following the instructions and am very grateful for this invention that is giving me back some of my mobility and some freedom from my wheelchair/walkers. With continued use things can only get better.

To anyone suffering from conditions such as myself and have lost their mobility I sincerely recommend getting the Acu-Stimulator to regain mobility and for daily therapeutic treatment. No more trying or taking all types of pain killers anti inflammatory etc.


Doug Harpe  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)(Shoulder)

After suffering with leg pain for 5 years, only 2 15 minute sessions ridded me of pain. Also I broke my shoulder in March and now it is pain free with increased movement. Thank you very much.

Ted Prebushewski (Chemo Therapy)

I had Chemo Therapy for 4 months, I used the vibration boots and I could feel the bottom of my feet for 20 minutes. Then on day 2 I could feel my feet bottoms now for 35 minutes. On day 3 tried it again relief was instant and lasted for 45 minutes. A must for anyone who has had Chemo Therapy. A GREAT, GREAT product.

Jim Gordon / Peace River Ab. (Ankle)

Going to Farmfair I tripped over a curb & twisted my ankle at 9AM limping well into the afternoon. I sat in the Solemate Accu-pressure stimulator for 15 minutes and left with no pain. No pain the rest of the day and no pain the following day when I returned to purchase my own. I was stunned and amazed that this machine could relieve pain so very quickly.

Joice S. Red Deer (Fibromyalgia)

I purchased your Calf and Foot Massager in March of 2014 and am truly amazed at the results. I purchased the product because I’ve had problems in the past with my feet.I know good circulation is important. Although I purchased the product I went into the transaction being skeptical for good reason. Many products claim to do may things but seldom do they produce a result of any kind.

Within two weeks of using this product nightly I realized I no longer had the knots in the muscles of my shoulders and neck I have had for many many years. I could go to physio every two weeks for weeks on end and I would still have the knot when I returned the next visit. The knots would painfully be worked out each visit only to return two weeks later.

I am completely blown away by this result. I was not expecting this result at all. I have been paying $75.00 per visit for physio so that means in less than 3 months this machine will have paid for itself and I can do it in my home for 15 minutes while I watch TV.

I am not the sort of person who would bother to send in a review but I feel my result was so profound I would like to share my success with fibromyalgia sufferers and others dealing with pain.


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  • I am a 69 year old male who had a 4 way heart bypass 12 years ago. The surgeon left a staple buried in my left knee area during the retrieval of the vein for the bypass repair parts. The staple caused a Level 2 infection which blew out most of the lymphatic lift check valves when the swelling from Read More
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