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The SoleMate™ Advantage

SoleMate is committed to helping those who are in pain due to a foot related cause and we can help tremendously. Our orthotics are molded to fit the shape of your foot and are designed using the most modern and up to date methods to correct your specific problem's). SoleMate orthotics are made from semi-rigid pliable material that virtually coax your feet back into shape, eliminating the chronic pain and discomfort associated with foot abnormalities. SoleMate orthotics are computer designed and
offer washable, light weight and vented support for optimum comfort that fits most footwear. SoleMate orthotics have four main arch supports, transverse, medial, longitudinal and metatarsal, with a contoured heel cup. Customized to correct most foot problems.


Our concept is to reshape and realign the foot, returning it to the normal shape and positioning. The results are immediate. The agent meets directly with the client. This client contact provides the agent with the necessary information and feedback to ensure the SoleMate orthotic is perfected during the first visit. The agent creates from the SoleMate orthotic shell a customized set of orthotics to correct the abnormalities of the foot and this usually takes one hour to complete. The SoleMate orthotic procedure, uses the proven weight bearing pedograph imprint method.





  • Chronic lateral ankle sprains.
  • Bow leg (Genu Varum).
  • Hip pain/Trochonteric bursitis.
  • Lateral knee pain.
  • Lateral thigh pain (ilio-tibial band).
  • Toes 4 and 5 contracted-twisted-adducto/varus.
  • Possible ear vesibular/balance problems.
  • Calluses form at 1st head of metatarsal.
  • Gait: Heel strike, weight transferred to lateral side of foot. Great toe point inward.


SoleMate orthotics are designed to tilt outward, rolling the foot inward, thus, realigning the lateral gait. 







  • Pronation (internal rotation).
  • Knock Knee (Genu Valgum).
  • Medial Bunion (Hallux Valgus).
  • First metatarsal head & sesamoid pain.
  • Pain at anterior/later ankle/foot.
  • Achilles tendonitis and/or calf pain.
  • Medial knee pain & hip.
  • Hammer toes 2nd and 3rd digits.
  • Shoe-outer heel worn.



  • SoleMate Orthotics with cantered heel adjustment realigns the heel.
  • When standing, there should be an alignment of the Achilles tendon with the calf of the leg.

The dotted line outlining the lateral side of the foot indicates foot pronation. 

NOTE: Pronation is the most common foot disorder, most foot disorders stem from this problem.

Pron Sup Foot





  • Medial knee pain.
  • Plantar heel bone pain.
  • Achilles tendonitis.
  • Medial bunion and hallux limitus/rigidus.
  • Fatigue & general aches of back and legs.
  • Taylor |Bunion.


SoleMate Orthotics will stabilize the ankle control the outward thrust and re-align the metatarsal arch.

Combination of fast pronation with torsion into supination at heel lift.

Flat Foot




Fallen longitudinal arch causes arch pain.
Ankle Pain.
Knee Pain.
Lower Back Pain.
General Foot Pain.
Pronated Foot.


SoleMate Orthotics are designed to reshape the foot
returning Metatarsal and longitudinal arches.

For children 98% Correction.

A) Age group 4- - 10 yrs. Optimum time; complete correction is possible.
B) Age group 11-14 yrs. Able to correct, however extra wearing time is required.

Calluses & Corns




Calluses: A collapsed metatarsal arch causes tendon
and ligament imbalance, the toes are drawn inward or
under. Underlying bone alignment causing excessive irritant
pressure on the metatarsal heads resulting in the
skin to harden and build up.

Corns: Corns develop when shoes repeatedly rub dead
skin, causing fluid to build up, and dead skin cells to pile


SoleMate Orthotics reshape the metatarsal arch and restore tendons to normal length.
Re-shaping the metatarsal arch to straighten and separate metatarsal: body weight is distributed evenly across the entire foot.

For children 98% Correction.
(A) Age group 4- - 10 yrs. Optimum time; complete correction is possible.
(B) Age group 11-14 yrs. Able to correct, however extra wearing time is required.

Hammer Toes




Hammer toes are produced by a muscle imbalance which causes the end joints of one or two ( or more) smaller toes to bend down, while the closer joints bend up.


Ped-Tech Orthotics returns the metatarsal arch. Thus returning the foot muscle balance. The toes will begin to straighten over time.

High Arches





  • Bump on top of the foot.
  • Fallen metatarsal arch.
  • Longitudinal arch pain.
  • Plantar fasciitis.
  • Hammer toes.
  • Pronated foot.


SoleMate Orthotics redistributes the bodies weight over a greater area of the foot.
SoleMate Orthotics are designed to operate like a break, preventing further lifting.

Morton's Neuroma





  • Excruciating, burning pain.
  • Immediate sharp pain resembling a needle penetration.
  • Calluses forming between compressed toes.
  • Corns.


SoleMate Orthotics are designed to re-shape and restore the metatarsal arch.
If required a separating wedge will be built into the metatarsal arch.






  • Inflammation of the bursa sac.
  • Calcium build up around the 1st metatarsal head.
  • Calluses develop on top of the joint.
  • Over pronation-supination.


SoleMate Orthotics are designed to reshape and support the metatarsal arch, thus toes begin to align.
Correcting and realigning the heel to prevent over- pronation.
Client feels instant relief. Rolling action is corrected.
As the foot realigns, bunions begin to disappear.

Heel Spur





  • Chronic inflammation of the Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Pain caused by the fascia partially pulling away from the heel.
  • Pain in the heel area after resting the foot. (morning time)
  • If not corrected, chronic heel pain develops as a heel spur grows. Also the longitudinal arch weakens and stretches plantar muscles.


SoleMate Orthotics are specially designed for this problem.
SoleMate Orthotics support the stretched fascia to prevent ligaments from tearing away from the heel.

Note: Client will experience immediate relief from heel pain. Ped-Tech Orthotics has achieved a 99% success rate with Plantar Fasciitis.

Body Balance






Chronic pain in the joints.
The joints become inflamed, fluid build up, swelling and arthritis.
Imbalance caused by differences in arches.
Leg lengths discrepancy.


SoleMate Orthotics are designed to reshape each foot, returning the arches, therefore leveling the body.
Building a lift on one orthotic to raise the shorter leg, leveling the body.

Siatic Nerve

Sciatic Nerve




  • Shooting (throbbing) pains from the hip downward towards the foot.
  • Most commonly, the pain will begin in the lower back passing the center of the buttocks extending downward.


SoleMate Orthotics are designed to correct the imbalance, thus removing the stress from the squeezed Sciatic nerve.
SoleMate Orthotics correct the over-pronation commonly associated with sciatic pain.

Note: Pain relief is almost immediate.

Bunion Surgery}

Bunion Surgery


The term bunion refers to a prominence of the medial eminence of the first metatarsal head. It is often associated with a
lateral deviation of the great toe and a widening of the angle between the first & second metatarsals. A bunionette or tailor’s
bunion is a prominence of the lateral aspect of the fifth Metatarsophalangeal joint that may result from a widened fifth metatarsal
head. These conditions are often associated with illfitting footwear. Conservative management includes custom made orthotics to
reduce the swelling & pressure or shoe modification, but surgical treatment may be necessary if left to late & should address all components of the problem.

SoleMate - Moving up to a standard of excellence. Not down to a price of regret.

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